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Looking to apply for to be a member of staff on ZeroScape? You MUST use the template on the forums and meet the requirements.
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Here at ZeroScape we've put a lot of time and attention into our content, and we're proud to say we're packed full of OSRS content!
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You are able to play using our RuneLite integrated client, here
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Welcome to ZeroScape, We are an 718/742 loading osrs Private Server with a dedicated experienced team. We are a BRAND NEW SERVER and need players and staff. We have all skills, all minigames and all bosses, so you can get right into OSRS content and having fun at a faster pace! What do we have to offer?

  • OSRS Bosses
  • Custom home
  • Chambers of xerics
  • Theater of blood
  • Unique areas
  • Different exp and game modes
  • World & Wilderness Events
  • Flawless Combat and pathing
  • Dedicated, experienced Development team
  • Fullscreen
  • All skills 100% work, even construction!
  • And much more, come check us out!
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Every hour, we have PVP tournaments you can join to win blood money and tickets to spend on PK gear, test your strength against your other opponents.
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Buying or selling in-game items? List on our discord channel or on the forums.
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